Warranty policy


All products sold on PlussCom Europe are covered by the manufacturer's conventional warranty and by the 24-month warranty for lack of conformity, pursuant to Legislative Decree 24/02.
To use the warranty, the Customer must keep the invoice that he will receive via e-mail in PDF format. The customer, by accepting the purchase contract, takes note of the assistance procedures in force at the time of recourse to the Assistance under Warranty, which he accepts.

The manufacturer's conventional warranty is provided in the manner illustrated in the documentation inside the product packaging. If, following intervention by an Authorized Service Center, the defect is not covered by the manufacturer's conventional warranty, the Customer will be charged for any verification and restoration costs required by the Authorized Service, as well as transport costs, if supported by us.

24 months warranty
The 24-month warranty pursuant to Legislative Decree 24/02 applies to products that present a lack of conformity, provided that the product itself is used correctly, in compliance with its intended use and as provided in the attached technical documentation. This guarantee is reserved for the private consumer (a natural person who purchases the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or makes the purchase without indicating a VAT number in the order form).

If, following intervention by an Authorized Assistance Center, the defect does not result in a lack of conformity pursuant to Legislative Decree 24/02, the Customer will be charged for any costs of verification and restoration requested by the Authorized Assistance, as well as transport costs if incurred by us.

No damage can be requested from us for any delays in carrying out repairs or replacements carried out by the assistance centers chosen by the customer.

In cases where the application of the guarantees provides for the shipment of the product, the goods must be returned by the Customer in the original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment: manuals, cables, etc ...), contacting the seller first, and if it is the PlussCom Europe Store, taking care to write the RMA code provided in the acceptance phase on the outside of the packaging.

To limit damage to the original packaging, we recommend, when possible, to put it in a second box; in all cases, the affixing of labels or adhesive tapes directly to the original product packaging should be avoided. In the case of motherboards, the product must be returned with the processor socket protective cover (if present at purchase) and with the processor socket pins (if present) intact. If the card arrives without the above, it cannot be repaired by the parent company, therefore we will be forced to return the asset to the customer as it cannot be repaired and to withhold the sum paid.

Applicable law
  The sales contract between the customer and PlussCom Europe is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law. For the solution of civil and criminal disputes deriving from the conclusion of this distance sales contract, if the Customer is a consumer, the territorial jurisdiction is that of the reference forum of his town of residence; in all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively that of Turin.

Assistance and Warranty provided directly by us
In cases where assistance is not provided directly by the manufacturer or not activated by the customer's choice, it is necessary to fill in the request form.
You will then receive the RMA return authorization number by email with all the information for packaging and shipping.
The product must be shipped from locations within the Italian territory.
The customer must send the goods by following the instructions contained in the email with which the return authorization number was communicated.

All product shipments will be rejected at the sender's expense:

  • not including original packaging, accessories and manuals.
  • Received with unsuitable or inadequate external packaging and therefore damaged during transport, the Warranty does not cover damage due to the non-use of the original packaging and adequate protective external safety packaging not authorized by the service center.

Any saving of data owned by the Customer or uninstallation of Software is excluded from the intervention under Warranty on Hard Disks or various storage devices. We will not be responsible for the loss of data on the product being serviced.

If the product is tampered with or the labels identifying the Serial or Part Number are removed or tampered with, PlussCom Europe reserves the right to accept the validity of the Warranty.

Conventionally, any right of the Customer to compensation for damages or compensation is excluded as well as any contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and / or things.

In the event of changes to the Warranty Conditions, we will apply the conditions present on the Product Warranty in effect at the time of purchase by the Customer.
The data controller is PlussCom Europe SR